Definitions for "losses"
something lost, especially money lost at gambling. Inverse of winnings.
The general term applied to energy (kWh) and capacity (kW) lost in the operation of an electric system. Losses occur principally as energy transformations from kWh to waste-heat in electrical conductors and apparatus. This waste-heat in electrical conductors and apparatus. This power expended without accomplishing useful work occurs primarily on the transmission and distribution system.
Power that is harvested by a wind generator but is not transferred to a usable form. Losses can be from friction, electrical resistance, or other causes.
Losses are the sum of all casualties and all stragglers taken by a unit.
See Casualties
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Number of games a particular pitcher's performance resulted in a loss.
Credited to pitchers on losing teams. LOB
All claims, losses, expenses, damages, liabilities, judgments, costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs).
Losses result from the sale of an asset (other than inventory) for less than the amount shown on the company's books. Since the loss is outside of the main activity of a business, it is reported as a nonoperating or other loss. To learn more, see Explanation of Income Statement. The term losses is also used to report the writedown of asset amounts to amounts less than cost. It is also used to refer to several periods of net losses caused by expenses exceeding revenues. To Top
Costs that provide no benefit to an organization.
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Generally refers to (1) the amount of reduction in the value of an insured's property caused by an insured peril, (2) the amount sought through an insured's claim, or (3) the amount paid on behalf of an insured under an insurance contract.