Definitions for "Los"
Los is one of the Eternals or Four Zoas, the imagination, and his work as a blacksmith is to form poetry with creative beating. He is the temporal manifestation of Urthona, his emanation is Enitharmon, and as the spirit of revolution he is the father of Luvah/Orc, passion and revolutionary energy respectively.
Leland Olds Station. A two-unit, coal-based generating station with a 656-megawatt capacity. LOS, located near Stanton, ND, is Basin Electric’s oldest generating plant.
Level of Service. Combinations of operating conditions that can occur on a given lane or roadway when it is accommodating various traffic volumes.
Lenght Of Stay
Length of Stay. This is the length or number of days that an individual stay in an inpatient setting.
Length of Stay. The number of days in an inpatient facility for each admission.
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Lokale Omroep Spakenburg
Loss of Signal. A SONET port status indicator that activates when an LOS defect occurs and does not clear throughout the alarm integration period, which is typically 2.5 seconds. An LOS defect occurs when the OC3 port receives all zeros for 20 microseconds (+.3 microseconds). This occurrence begins the alarm integration period. If this period elapses without the detection of two consecutive frames in which there are no 20-microsecond periods of signal loss, the LOS indicator activates. The LOS indicator clears when an LOS defect is not detected for an interval equal to the alarm deactivation period (typically 10 seconds).
Loss of signal. The absence of pulses lasting for one millisecond or more.
loss of signal. Loss of signal occurs when consecutive zeros are detected on an incoming signal.
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Praise. See Loos.
Lower Oesophageal Sphinter (Barrier To Reflux)
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Land of Smiles
Direct earthly wireless telecommunication between transceivers.
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German for "Go on!"
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Law of the sea