Definitions for "Loot"
Keywords:  mob, foe, defeated, lewt, vanquished
Gaming term. Alternately refers to either items or money retrieved from a vanquished foe, or the act of taking items or money from a defeated foe (as in looting a MOB). Variations: lewt, l3w7.
After gaining a kill, players may pick up or otherwise gain some objects. The objects are referred to as loot, while the act of gaining them is referred to as looting. Those players on the receiving end of looting are said to have been looted.
Gold or Items that are dropped by monsters that have been slain.
The act of plundering.
Plunder; booty; especially, the booty taken in a conquered or sacked city.
To plunder; to carry off as plunder or a prize lawfully obtained by war.
The spoils that are collected after a fight, and the process of collecting them.
steal goods; take as spoils; "During the earthquake people looted the stores that were deserted by their owners"
To take as spoils; steal.
Keywords:  farce, orton, satirises, joe, catholic
Loot is a play by Joe Orton. The play is an extremely dark farce which satirises the Roman Catholic Church, social attitudes to death, and the integrity of the police force.
Keywords:  dishonesty, stolen, anything
Anything stolen or obtained by dishonesty.
Money; as, you shouldn't carry all that loot around with you in the city; she made a pile of loot from trading in cattle futures.
goods or money obtained illegally
informal terms for money
Valuable objects; as, the child was delighted with all the loot he got for his birthday.