Definitions for "Loop current"
Keywords:  strait, yucatan, gulf, florida, mexico
The dc current that flows through the subscriber loop. It is typically provided by the central office or PBX, and ranges from 20-120mA.
A current setting clockwise in the Gulf of Mexico. It enters through the Yucatan Channel from the Caribbean Sea and leaves through the Straits of Florida.
The continuation of the Mediterranean Current through the Yucatan Strait and on into the Gulf of Mexico. It is dynamically a western boundary current that separates from the shelf north of the Yucatan Strait, becomes unstable, and intermittently sheds anticyclonic eddies or rings into the Gulf of Mexico. The speed of the current has been estimated to be 1.0 m/s in Yucatan Strait, falling off to 0.4 m/s at 1000 m depth. A highly irregular southward flowing undercurrent has also been found in the 200 m above the sill depth.