Definitions for "Loom"
A frame or machine of wood or other material, in which a weaver forms cloth out of thread; a machine for interweaving yarn or threads into a fabric, as in knitting or lace making.
A framework or machine for interweaving yarn or thread into a fabric.
A mechanical device that interlaces fibers at right angles with varying degrees of weave construction (weight, thickness and design). More modern looms are air jet but rapier and more traditional shuttle equipment is still in use.
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That part of an oar which is near the grip or handle and inboard from the rowlock.
The part of an oar between the blade and the handle.
The section of the oar between the blade and the handle.
To appear above the surface either of sea or land, or to appear enlarged, or distorted and indistinct, as a distant object, a ship at sea, or a mountain, esp. from atmospheric influences; as, the ship looms large; the land looms high.
To rise and to be eminent; to be elevated or ennobled, in a moral sense.
The state of looming; esp., an unnatural and indistinct appearance of elevation or enlargement of anything, as of land or of a ship, seen by one at sea.
Loom is a graphical adventure game originally released in 1990. It was both developed and published by Lucasfilm Games (now called Lucas Arts) and was the fourth game to use the SCUMM adventure game engine. The project was led by Brian Moriarty, a former Infocom employee and author of the classic text adventures Wishbringer (1985), Trinity (1986) and Beyond Zork (1987).
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a creative journey through color, design, and form for the bead artist
a frame made of two beams held by four pegs in the ground
a frame which holds the rug together while it is being woven
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To become imminent; to impend.
hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing; "The terrible vision brooded over her all day long"
come into view indistinctly, often threateningly; "Another air plane loomed into the sky"
appear very large or occupy a commanding position; "The huge sculpture predominates over the fountain"; "Large shadows loomed on the canyon wall"
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See Loon, the bird.
Flexible tubing or sheath, usually nonmetallic, for protecting electrical wires. A cotton-braided sheath is commonly used.
A complete car wiring system or section of a wiring system consisting of all the wires of correct length, etc, to wire up the various circuits.
Loom or LOOMâ„¢ is a knowledge representation language developed by researchers in the Artificial Intelligence research group at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute. The Loom project's goal is the development and fielding of advanced tools for knowledge representation and reasoning in Artificial Intelligence.
a piece of equipment designed to facilitate the textile process
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