Definitions for "Lookout"
Keywords:  vantage, tower, towerman, spotter, fire
The place from which such observation is made.
A person designated to detect and report fires from a vantage point. A location from which fires can be detected and reported. A fire crew member assigned to observe the fire and warn the crew when there is danger of becoming trapped.
Elements of a safety system used by fire fighters to routinely assess their current situation with respect to wildland firefighting hazards.
Extension on a structure which spans the distance from the building's edge to the fly rafter, at the end of the gable extension and supports it and the roof overhang.
A short wood bracket or cantilever that supports an overhang portion of a roof
A short wood bracket or cantilever to support an overhang portion of a roof or the like, usually concealed from view.
Keywords:  hollerin, yer, sentry, murphy, sentinel
A careful looking or watching for any object or event.
A person engaged in watching; a sentinel; a sentry.
A person designated to watch for other vessels and hazards.
Object or duty of forethought and care; responsibility.
a member of the crew stationed on the forecastle, or on the bridge, whose duty it is to watch for any dangerous objects or for any other
an elevated post affording a wide view
a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings
A natural scenic viewpoint on elevated ground. Works or structures within the immediate vicinity of the view point improving the safety, amenities or view may be evident.
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the act of looking out