Definitions for "Longitudinal"
Of or pertaining to longitude or length; as, longitudinal distance.
Extending in length; in the direction of the length; running lengthwise, as distinguished from transverse; as, the longitudinal diameter of a body.
1. Studied over a period of time. 2. Running lengthwise; in the direction of the long axis of the body or any of its parts.
A railway sleeper lying parallel with the rail.
Direction parallel to the grain of wood. BODY { SCROLLBAR-FACE-COLOR: #cc0000; SCROLLBAR-3DLIGHT-COLOR: #ffffff; SCROLLBAR-ARROW-COLOR: #dbdbca; SCROLLBAR-DARKSHADOW-COLOR: #ffffff; SCROLLBAR-BASE-COLOR: #dbdbca
The direction parallel to the ridgeline.
Describes a research study in which measurements are collected and comparisons made among populations over time.
A research design in which the same individuals or events are studied over several points in time. This design allows researchers to observe changes over time.
Data collected on the same individuals over time for use in a longitudinal study. A study that investigates development, learning, or other types of change in individuals over time.
of or relating to lines of longitude; "longitudinal reckoning by the navigator"