Definitions for "Longing"
An eager desire; a craving; a morbid appetite; an earnest wish; an aspiration.
That which every sould feels, in life and in death; the desire to be elsewhere or elsewhen at times that seem most inappropriate, though, ultimately, prove to be quite right.
prolonged unfulfilled desire or need
"Longing" is a song by Japanese band X Japan, released in alternating versions as singles on August 1, 1995 and September 1 1995 respectively. It was written and composed by Yoshiki Hayashi.
Longing was to have been Dusty Springfield's second LP for the ABC Dunhill Records label, and ninth studio album overall, recorded in 1974 and planned for released the same year. Elements was the working title of the album but it was re-titled and advertised as Longing in the music press near the end of 1974, before the project was abandoned altogether (see original Elements album cover to the right). The album was never finished due to Springfield's physical and mental health issues at the time.