Definitions for "LongBow"
Keywords:  bow, deadly, archery, weapon, arrow
The ordinary bow, not mounted on a stock; -- so called in distinction from the crossbow when both were used as weapons of war. Also, sometimes, such a bow of about the height of a man, as distinguished from a much shorter one.
Weapon used to launch arrows, with a capacity to send them as far away as 300 yards, deadly against opponents not wearing plate armor.
a powerful wooden bow drawn by hand; usually 5-6 feet long; used in medieval England
Keywords:  hollis, andy, jane, june, inc
AH-64D Longbow is a PC flight simulator released in June of 1996. This simulation was developed at Origin Systems, Inc. by producer Andy Hollis. AH-64D Longbow was the second simulator released under the Jane's Combat Simulators line from Electronic Arts.
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Data Model that will be applied to backtesting. The main goal of this project is to create a data model that is able to process large amounts of data using a simple script.