Definitions for "long-term"
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A long period of time, as for a bond (e.g. 10 or more years) or for a buy and hold investment strategy.
A subjective term indicating the longest time period used in terms of investments. At a minimum, it applies to a timeframe of 1 year, but usually at least 2 years or more. Wags define a long-term investment as a short-term investment that is showing a loss. See also Medium-term & Short-term.
In accounting terms, one year or longer.
relating to or extending over a relatively long time; "the long-run significance of the elections"; "the long-term reconstruction of countries damaged by the war"; "a long-term investment"
An action, trend, or impact that affects the potential of a species to maintain its population through reproduction or immigration over an extended period of time. Magnitude Criteria used in this EA to evaluate the significance of impacts on species abundance. Magnitude refers to the number of animals removed in relation to their abundance. Nonlethal Control Methods/Techniques Wildlife damage management methods or techniques that do not result in the death of target animals (e.g., live traps, repellents, fences, etc.).
With a maturity of over than 18 months.
Six months or more (in the context of having a disability).
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same as long-run; as, the long-term consequences.