Definitions for "Logotype"
A single type, containing two or more letters; as, æ, Æ, fi, fl, ffl, etc.; -- called also ligature.
A personalized type or design symbol for a company or product.
A word mark made up of a specific or stylized typeface. Sometimes used as a logo.
A logo made primarily of type.
a logo made out of type
The type species of a genus by subsequent designation, i.e. in apposition to lectotype which is the type specimen of a species by subsequent designation.
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Artwork for the airport legal/communicative name - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
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A die or stamp with more than one character.
Multi-character type, i.e. stamps made type high (0.918 printer's type standard or 1.000" marking tool manufacturer's standard) cut with more than one character per piece.
two or more characters combined to form a single unit (e.g., ellipsis: …)
a rational originative principle that permeates the universe
A graphic treatment of text, or a combination of text and graphics, that identifies a company or a product.
a company emblem or device
a graphic element which
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an expression
a unique shape (or combination of shapes) that represents a specific meaning
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