Definitions for "Log out"
verb Definition: To terminate a session. Usage: Normal text rules. Tags: Prose tag rules. Example: To log out of your session or shut down your system, click on the Log Out button. Note 1: You log out of a session, not your workstation, system, or workspace. Note 2: Use log out rather than log off. Note 3: See also logout.
To end the current MyLiveVault session. Logging out does not affect backup or restore operations.
To end a session on the IRIS.
Keywords:  exit, ctrl, off, unix, shell
Allows you to log off the system, and free up space for other members wanting to use the service.
The way in which the user exits the system once desired tasks have been completed
exit a computer; "Please log off before you go home"
Keywords:  inmarsat, ncs, mes, ocean, region
The action performed on an Inmarsat C MES to inform the NCS in an ocean region that the MES is not available for communication.
To quit all running applications and (if you had to log in to use the computer) return to the login window.
The process of clearing the user name and password of a user. This is a good practice to prevent the user's access from being used by others.