Definitions for "Loft"
Keywords:  clubface, club, trajectory, golf, angle
That which is lifted up; an elevation.
Pitch or slope of the face of a club (tending to drive the ball upward).
To make or furnish with a loft; to cause to have loft; as, a lofted house; a lofted golf-club head.
The room or space under a roof and above the ceiling of the uppermost story.
A floor or room placed above another; a story.
A low space or attic directly under a roof.
The resiliency of fabric or yarn and especially wool.
an insulated garment or sleeping bag's depth of fill. In general, greater loft retains more (warm) air, which is why expedition-quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing look so dang puffy.
A hypothesized physical phenomenon attributed to various arrangements of substances used as fillings in garments and especially sleeping bags. Widely considered as mythology.
A fiberÕs spring or fluffiness.
High loft is thick and fluffy, low loft is thin and dense. The higher the loft, the better the insulation characteristic.
The springiness in fiber as it returns to normal after being squeezed; sometimes used synonymously with fluffiness.
Keywords:  hull, splines, planks, analogy, extrude
lay out a full-scale working drawing of the lines of a vessel's hull
In modeling, a series of splines that define the shape of an object, then can be lofted together to form a surface. An analogy is to boat building, where a skeleton of ribs is built, then covered by planks or metal sheets to form the hull. In other software packages, this term is known as cross section and surface modifiers surface or skinning, or may refer to extrude.
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Lofty; proud.
an upper story located in a building with a business below, often having no partitions, and in cities sometimes converted into living quarters, or used as studios for artists.
Loft is a variant of a wireframe of the 3D object, a technique used in 3 D Studio Max. It's derivable from flat section by doubling it along the path given.
The height or "lift" gained by the depth of the filling material.
The height of the glass lay-down either dry (as in chopping SMC glass) or wet (as in the height of the glass/resin mixture in a spray-up on the mold before roll-out).
Elevation of an individual bed above its two lowest height settings (all lofts must be requested through the iServiceDesk and installed by Physical Plant personnel. Bed rails will be installed and may not be refused). - An elevated bed with more than 24" of space beneath the bedspring.
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A gallery or raised apartment in a church, hall, etc.; as, an organ loft.
To raise aloft; to send into the air;
a raised shelter in which pigeons are kept
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Rehearsal spot for Frozen Embryos.
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Latinos On Fast Track
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Line Orientated Flight Training
Line-orientated flying training. Usually on large jet simulators to prepare newly-qualified commercial pilots for multi-crew airline operations
The highest (loftiest) register, synonymous with falsetto voice.
an oasis from the every day challenges of life and a place where people come together to learn and practice
Describes the amount of bulk in a yarn and the amount of snap-back or elasticity a fabric has after being compressed.
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a coat that stands up off the body rather than lying flat against the skin.
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Shot or pass with a high arc.
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a whole lot of shapes/cross sections tied together)
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Loss of Fluid Test
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store in a loft
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( see Organ)