Definitions for "Locks"
Version locks provided by Workspace Manager, separate from locks provided by conventional Oracle database transactions. These locks are primarily intended to eliminate row conflicts between a parent workspace and a child workspace. Locking is enabled at a session level and is a session property independent of the workspace that the session is in. When locking is enabled for a session, it locks rows in all workspaces in which it participates.
A variety of locking options are available Automatic Lock For enhanced security, the telephone can be programmed to automatically lock each time you turn it off. Display Unlock Code Refers to the Unlock Code in case it's forgotten. Electronic Lock Prevents unauthorized use of your phone. Only entry of the 3-digit Unlock Code will unlock the phone. Programmable Unlock Code Enables the user to change the 3-digit Unlock Code should the code become compromised.
A directory for Subversion's repository locking data, used for tracking accessors to the repository.
moves that lock the joints of an attacker to restrain them from taking further action. Combines methods of pulling and pushing against the joint.
Techniques that apply pressure to an attacker's joint to immobilise or incapacitate. Return to the top
Locks & latches; including door locks, cabinet locks, cabinet latches, door hinges, padlock & quick release.
Very short staples of fibre and second cuts, which fall from the fleece during shearing and skirting.
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Mostly made of a brick built chamber with gates at both ends, which allowed a boat to be raised or lowered from one canal level to another
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See Issue Lock / Defect Lock.