Definitions for "Locker"
A drawer, cupboard, compartment, or chest, esp. one in a ship, that may be closed with a lock.
A locker is a specified amount of disk space on CIT's network. Files stored on a locker are accessible from any computer connected to CIT's network. Uses for a locker include storage of word processing documents, large graphics files or statistical data sets.
A compartment for onboard stowage of articles.
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or differential locker, is a device that forces the diff to allocate equal power to both points (both tires) thus keeping power to a slipping tire
differential unit that achieves maximum wheel traction by delivering 100% of the torque and power to both wheels.
replaces the planet and side-gears in a diff', torque goes to the non-slipping wheel, may give "twitchy" handling. See [web page].
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a particular self-comprised AFS volume with its own quota in addition to access command list (ACL)
a self-contained AFS volume with its own quota and access control list (ACL)
AMT tags that are used to assist mass calibration which are manually assigned from highly confident identifications resulting from FTICR-MS/MS analyses.
a trunk for storing personal possessions; usually kept at the foot of a bed (as in a barracks)
a locked box where things can be stored)
All users of Carmen can use their locker to upload and store personal files. These are confidential and private unless you choose to make them public, in which case they can be viewed by other class participants.
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an awsome mod, but only if you need it really
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The login name of the user who locked the revision (empty if not locked).
a directory, often used to mean the collection of a main directory and all the subdirectories and files under it.
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a fastener that locks or closes
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One who, or that which, locks.