Definitions for "Locked-In Syndrome"
A rare neurological disorder characterized by complete paralysis of voluntary muscles in all parts of the body (except for those that control eye movement). It may result from traumatic brain injury, vascular diseases, demyelinating diseases, or medication overdose. Individuals with locked-in syndrome are conscious and have cognitive function, but are unable to speak or move. The disorder leaves the patient completely mute and paralyzed. Communication may be possible with blinking eye movements.
Locked-In Syndrome: "This syndrome is due to stroke, tumor or trama to the ventral part of the rostral pons. Lesions there render the individual quadriplegic, unable to speak and incapable of facial movement. One would think these individuals were in a coma except that they are able to move their eyes and if given an eye communicating device they can communicate." Learn more at Click "BACK" on your browser to return to the previous page.
a rare neurological condition in which a person cannot physically move any part of the body except the eyes.