Definitions for "Lockbox"
A service offered by banks to companies in which the company receives payments...
A box of strong and durable construction, fitted with a lock, used for the purpose of protecting valuable items, such as money or jewelry; a strongbox.
A third-party remittance processor which handles payment processing.
a device that holds a key to your home
a metal locked box that attaches to the front door which contains a key to the door
a particular petite key-holding safe this can be inconspicuously attached to the front of my Chandler house
a metal pipe big enough for one or two people to insert their arms in from opposite ends and hook onto a transecting metal rod with a small metal clip device known as a "beener" or carabiner, used by mountain-climbers
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Lockbox is a password vault that provides you with a secure way to store your numerous logins and passwords, accessible with a master password. It uses proven 256-bit AES encryption. Written in Java. Small enough to run off of a USB drive.
LockBox is a tool for the Palm Pilot and compatibles that helps users securely manage account information. Multiple account information is protected by a single password. Features: Stores Account Information - Account Name, User Name, Password, Notes, Export data to Memo Application, Categories to organize different account information, 128bit RC4 Encryption, Works on PalmOS
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See RCK.
Any of several legislative mechanisms that attempt to isolate or "lock away" funds of the federal government for purposes such as reducing federal spending, preserving the surplus, or protecting the solvency of trust funds. See surplus and trust funds.
a great convenience when you're on vacation, just away for a weekend or even just a day or an hour
an excellent money management tool that can benefit a business in
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