Definitions for "Local System"
The computer at which a user is working, as opposed to a remote system.
The system you are using. Interactions between your computer and another computer on the Internet are sometimes described using the terms "local" and "remote" systems. The local system is your computer and the remote system is the other computer.
An alarm system that is not monitored (the panel cannot transmit a signal to Central Monitoring Station). In an emergency situation, the siren will sound but the police will not be called.
A Class VI district and the associated Class I districts or a Class II, III, IV, or V district and any affiliated Class I districts or portions of Class I districts. The membership, expenditures, and resources of Class I districts that are affiliated with multiple high school districts will be attributed to local systems based on the percent of the Class I valuation that is affiliated with each high school district. [79-1003(28)
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The workstation which you are currently using.