Definitions for "Lob"
to propel (relatively slowly) in a high arcing trajectory; as, to lob a grenade at the enemy.
an (often gentle) stroke which sends a ball up into the air, as in tennis to avoid a player at the net.
A shot that's hit high into the air, often as a way of buying time after the opponent has hit a kill shot.
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The European pollock.
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See Cob, v. t.
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To let fall heavily or lazily.
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Long Object
See Large Object.
An abbreviation for large object. A LOB is a type of data element that is associated with a column that contains extremely large quantities of data.
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Left out of battle
Left On Base
Left on Board. Freight that has not been worked or taken off a trailer.
See line-of-business application.
See Line of Balance
Line of business. A major component of a business enterprise, organized for business objectives.
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Part of the brain where the badminton centre is located.
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A dull, heavy person.
Something thick and heavy.
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referring to lobes - as a suffix it usually refers to a fruit
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Length of blade.
A corporate subdivision focused on a single product or family of products.
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The act of lobbing;