Definitions for "loan"
An arrangement in which a lender gives money or property to a borrower, and...
The act of lending; a lending; permission to use; as, the loan of a book, money, services.
To lend; -- sometimes with out.
A contribution made with expectation of repayment and reported in Part 3 of the D-2 form. When reporting a loan, lenders and endorsers or guarantors of any loan shall be reported by name, address, date, and amount loaned or endorsed. If the loan exceeds $500 from a natural person, the lender shall be identified by occupation and employer. If the endorsed amount exceeds $500, the endorser shall be identified by occupation and employer. The terms of a loan must be set forth by written agreement.
a contribution at the time it is made and is a contribution to the extent that it remains unpaid
a contribution by each endorser or guarantor
a collection of relationships which, given their characteristics at the time, yield a specific financial result to the mortgage banker
a different institution from credit, whose provision is one of the activities of licensed financial institutions (e
a financial agreement between an individual and a bank or other financial institutions
A Minor League player's contract may be loaned from one organization to another, so long as the new Club is also under the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Baseball. The Assignor Club retains contractual rights to the player. The player must be returned to the assignor Club at the end of the championship season. Loans of players are most commonly made to Mexican League Clubs.
In football (soccer), a loan involves a particular player being allowed to temporarily play for a club other than the one he is currently contracted to. Loan deals may last from a few weeks to all season-long.
An advance of funds requiring a recipient to repay a specified amount under prescribed conditions. Close
an amount of moneyAnyone can U
to-value ratio (LTV) The amount of the loan divided by the purchase price of the house.
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a bitch to get
an important source of long-term recovery funds
a temporary means of gaining access to the funds in your TDA account
Direct loan using the multilateral institution funds (also referred to as A-loan).
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a good possibility for Depor
a liability incurred by the business
a reflection of the diligence given to preparing a business model and plan by the entrepreneur
a very detailed business plan to show them
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Often you may find you don't have enough savings to purchase something large like a house or a new car. You could continue to save, but it would take quite some time to save for something that large. In that case, you can take out a loan. When you take out a loan with a Credit Union, you guarantee that you will pay the Credit Union the full amount back, with interest. You pay off your loan by making payments into your loans account each fortnight, or month, and over a period of years, will pay back the Credit Union in full.
Funding which you must pay back.
A loan to be used for any purpose. The equity in the property is put up as security against not paying the loan back.
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only a loan free of any increase for the lender is permitted; loans may be made for trade but their reward is with Allah.
a fundamental part of a free, capitalist system
A monetary loan made by a life insurance company to a policy holder based upon the security of the cash value of a policy.
A loan made by a life insurance company from its general funds to a policyowner on the security of the cash value of a policy.
A loan taken from the cash value account of a whole life policy (or one of its various forms). Generally, loans may reduce the policy's death benefit and cash value.
a great opportunity for veterans to make the most of
a great source of funding for small businesses and start-ups, but we put our commitment on the line for you
a great source of funding for small businesses and start-ups, but we put that belief into action
Loans offered in a range of programs which are tailored to individual circumstances. We know most people are not absolutely perfect (See Conforming Loan) and we have programs to meet their needs. We also have solutions for income documentation issues.
a capital idea
a medium to long term source of finance granted to meet capital expenditure, with due consideration given to the life span of the asset
an excellent way of obtaining low interest, long-term financing
A part of the investment that is not covered by the (own) capital available, but is covered by arranging a credit. If the loan interest rate is higher than the capital interest rate, the credit results in extra costs.
if the plan allows, a participant may take a loan from the plan using the vested account balance as collateral. Qualified loans normally provide favorable interest rates for participants, but have restrictions regarding size and term, which prevents the loan, proceeds from being considered as current income or as an in-service withdrawal.
an excellent option for someone who has limited resources for their down payment or who needs a co-signer to help qualify for the mortgage payment
A service which permits circulation of bibliographic material outside the library, and which is ruled by a set of loan rules.
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a legal obligation
a serious obligation
a Complicated Process and not something that is easily accomplished
a contract, and when someone breaches a contract, you take legal action
a contract, governed by contract law
a form of credit contract
a commitment, a promise you're expected to keep
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a risk if you are made redundant unless you take out cover of which few do
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a debt instrument
a form of debt
a kind of debt, which the bank provides for a particular period of time
a taxable distribution if the requirements as set forth in I
The facility to raise loan on the mortgage of the policy based on its surrender value.
The relationship between the principal balance of the mortgage and the appraised value (or sales price if it is lower) of the property. For example, a $100,000 home with an $80,000 mortgage has an LTV of 80 percent.
a better choice for larger financing needs
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a product, and just as in life, one size doesn't always fit all
a program that was designed to make the purchase of a home easier for those who have served their country
a service offered to current real estate homeowners who have an existing FHA (Federal Housing Administration) contract on a house
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Loan number assigned by County Recorder.
a formal arrangement, usually for a fixed period of time (which you agree at the start)
A one time, up front extension of funds, with regular payments or installments made over a period of time.
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a better way to go
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a reasonable alternative
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a helpful tool
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a major investment
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a great way to buy a new home without making a large down payment
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an option to consider, however
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a line of credit under which a property owner uses his
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a type of de
A loanin.