Definitions for "Living Benefit"
Some insurance companies include this benefit at no cost to their policyholders. The insurer considers on a case-to-case basis, the need for insurance funds before death. If the insured can demonstrate a shortened life of less than two years and with some insurers one year, the insurer will consider releasing up to 50% or a maximum of $100,000 of the life insurance coverage held by the insured. Not all insurers offer this benefit for free. The need has resulted in specific stand-alone living benefit/ critical illness policies coming into existence. Look under "Different types of Life Insurance" for further information. You might have heard of "Viatical Settlements", the practice of seriously ill people selling the rights to their life insurance policies to third parties. This practice is common in the United States but has not caught on in Canada.
see Accelerated Benefits
An amount that is paid out while you are alive, in the event a diagnosis of terminal illness.