Definitions for "Livelihood"
systems include the strategies and practices, including natural resource management and socioeconomic forms of organization, that people use to meet their basic needs in site-specific and culturally variable ways.
A livelihood is a combination of the resources used and the activities undertaken in order to live. The resources might consist of individual skills and abilities (human capital), land, savings and equipment (natural, financial and physical capital, respectively) and formal support groups or informal networks that assist in the activities being undertaken (social capital) (DFID, 1999).
Comprises the capabilities, assets and activities required for a means of living. A livelihood is sustainable when it can cope with and recover from stresses and shocks while maintaining or enhancing its capabilities and assets both now and in the future without undermining its natural resources base.
Subsistence or living, as dependent on some means of support; the means for support of life; maintenance.
a means of earning a living.
the financial means whereby one lives; "each child was expected to pay for their keep"; "he applied to the state for support"; "he could no longer earn his own livelihood"
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Liveliness; appearance of life.