Definitions for "Lithotripsy"
The operation of crushing a stone in the bladder or urethra to reduce it to particles small enough to be voided; lithotrity. It may be performed with an instrument called lithotriptor or lithotrite (also called a lithoclast); or, more recently, may be accomplished by devices using ultrasonic waves to fragment the stones.
The process of using shock waves or ultrasonic waves to break up calculi (stones) for excretion. ESWL is used to break up smaller stones. This technique uses a machine called a lithotriptor to produce external shock waves to break up the stones. X-ray imaging systems are used to show the position of the stone and to monitor its destruction into a fine sand which is passed out urine over the following few weeks.
a noninvasive procedure in which shock waves generated by an instrument called a lithotriptor are used to pulverize kidney stones or gallstones