Definitions for "listener "
This is an object that you attach to a widget, for example, a button. It listens for events that happen to that widget and contains code to take some action based on that event. For example, the listener for a button on a GUI will contain code to do the work associated with that button when the user presses the GUI button. In Java, listeners implement the public interface java.util.EventListener.
In the JDK, a class that receives and handles events.
a binding of such a handler to an event targeting some element in a document
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a device that can receive data from the bus when instructed by the controller, and a talker transmits data on to the bus when instructed
A device in a GPIB system addressed by the controller for ‘listening' or receiving data. (See also Talker.)
The peer that awaits incoming connection requests.
a job running on the responding system that fulfills incoming requests from an initiating system
a network entity that waits for a client request to connect to a specific database service
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See network listener LISTENER.ORA A configuration file that describes one or more TNS listeners on a server.
See TNS listener.
listener is a typical security-related program like the motion package : it listens for sound. If it detects any, it starts recording until the sound stops . It stores the audio in .WAV files.
(1) The part of the virtual audio environment provided by SoundSprocket that perceives sounds. Defined by the SSpListenerReference data type. (2) The user who is listening to the sounds produced using SoundSprocket.
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a CFC that extends MachII
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One who listens; a hearkener.
a profissional conversationalist so long as they use the right body language
a small subroutine which gets called when whatever it's attached to has it's state change
Propositional Theory can have any number of Listeners. A Transition System can have any number of Listeners.
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a Thread, and this is its body
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someone who listens attentively
A separate application process that monitors the input process.
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an individual who is listening to a radio program.
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an object that listens for one or more messages