Definitions for "Liquefaction"
The act or operation of making or becoming liquid; especially, the conversion of a solid into a liquid by the sole agency of heat.
The state of being liquid.
The act, process, or method, of reducing a gas or vapor to a liquid by means of cold or pressure; as, the liquefaction of oxygen or hydrogen.
Enzymatic digestion (often by -amylase) of gelatinized starch to form lower molecular weight polysaccharides.
The first major step in the conversion of starch to syrup. The starch as a raw material comes as dry matter and needs to be first gelatinized and liquefied to make it susceptible to further enzymatic breakdown. This is achieved by adding a temperature-stable enzyme to the starch suspension. The mechanical part of the process involves the use of stirred tank reactors, continuous stirred tank reactors or jet cookers.
The process of melting a solid by heating. Liquefied material does not require continued heating to maintain fluidity.
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