Definitions for "Linker "
Linker is a category indexing program which allows you to easily create Yahoo-like sites. It is template and database driven, and features URL validation, review and comment, polls, image and file upload, a mailing list, multiple keyword search, category tree explorer, "related category" support, multiple languages, user defined fields, and more.
when using a compiler, this is the program that joins the object code from various sub-programs, including the library routines, to form the final executable machine code program
A program that links together independently compiled pieces of object code (including those residing in libraries into a single executable file.
A synthetic, double-stranded oligonucleotide used to attach sticky ends to a blunt-ended molecule.
A synthetic double-stranded oligonucleotide that carries the sequence for one or more restriction endonuclease sites.
A synthetic double-stranded oligonucleotide that carries the recognition sequence for one or more restriction endonucleases. The ligation of a linker to each end of a DNA fragment facilitates the preparation of the fragment for cloning into a vector.
Bifunctional chemical moiety attaching a compound to a solid support or soluble support which can be cleaved to release compounds from the support. A careful choice of linker allows cleavage to be performed under appropriate conditions compatible with the stability of the compound and assay method.
a molecule that connects a species of interest to a solid surface
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a warez thing or not
a person or organization that publishes or otherwise makesavailable a Resource containing a Hyperlink or otherwise points a user to aResource published or made available by a Linkee
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a peptide segment between the metal binding Helix-Loop-Helix motif
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See linkage editor.
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a Special Move allows you to build on a combo to keep it going
An inflation-linked bond, also called a linker, works like a conventional bond, with a fixed coupon and a principal paid at its maturity. The main characteristic of a linker is to provide protection against inflation for each single cash flow.