Definitions for "linked"
Extendable, JACK-based modular audio processing system. Audio and control modules can be loaded and interconnected at runtime using a XML netlist. All user interaction takes place over OSC. User defined modules will be supported .
a simple term used when someone uses the hypertext code to move from one document to another. By "clicking" the underlined text or links it sends he / she to a different page or location which is loaded automatically. Return
Two genes located close together on the same DNA molecule that are coinherited at detectable frequency during recombination. See Linkage.
The association of traits that occurs when the genes coding for them are on the same chromosome.
a way of implementing data structures where storage is allocated and deleted as it is needed item by item and the items are linked together by a pointer. For example see Lists.
Having a connection.
connected by a link, as railway cars or trailer trucks
where several mining lands, either unpatented claims, leases, licences of occupation, patents, or combinations of these, have no break in physical contact from one another. For the purposes of assigning assessment work credits, there must also be a constant (in time) connection in right or interest to the mining lands through a common recorded holder, lessee, licensee, owner or beneficial interest holder.
Linked or unit-linked refers to a life assurance policy where benefits are expressed in a unit of account, usually an investment fund. Benefits are effectively "linked" to the value of the underlying units rather than fixed or guaranteed benefits set up at inception.
Describes any savings product where the saver's money buys, or is deemed to buy, "units" in an investment fund and the value of the saver's fund is thus linked to the value of the units.
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The status of a proposal after the action of LINK or UNLOCK
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Exhibiting linkage{5}.
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