Definitions for "Ling"
A large, marine, gadoid fish (Molva vulgaris) of Northern Europe and Greenland. It is valued as a food fish and is largely salted and dried. Called also drizzle.
A New Zealand food fish of the genus Genypterus. The name is also locally applied to other fishes, as the cultus cod, the mutton fish, and the cobia.
Heather (Calluna vulgaris).
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An American hake of the genus Phycis.
American hakes
This is the Thai word for monkey. It is also a name teachers use for students who are always naughty. Interestingly, the western game of "Piggy in the Middle" is called "Monkey Steals Ball" ( Ling Ching Bon) in Thailand .
Small bell with clapper, hand-rung by Buddhist and Taoist priests.
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Linguaphone Institute Ltd. St Giles House, 50 Poland Street, LONDON W1V 4AX Tel: 0171 439 4222
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The burbot of Lake Ontario.
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The upper torso of a Shivaling.
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water chestnut whose spiny fruit has two rather than 4 prongs
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referring to a tongue ("lingua" / "lingularia")