Definitions for "Lines"
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Drawings defining the shape of a boat's hull, also the shape of a boat's hull, "she has nice lines".
What actors learn and speak on stage. The word is also used technically to refer to the counter-weighted ropes or wires that are attached to flown scenery.
Ropes or cables used a vessel for towing, mooring, and lashing(securing).
One of the abundant intermediate (6 to 7 kb) repeat DNA sequences in mammals (see also SINES).
(long interspersed nuclear elements)  Families of long (average length = 6 500 bp), moderately repetitive (about 10,000 copies). LINEs are cDNA copies of functional genes present in the same genome; also known as processed pseudo-genes.
Long interspersed nuclear elements (such as L1 repeats) are retroelements present in over 100,000 copies in the mammalian genome.
Odds offered to the bettor.
These are Handicaps, pointspreads and odds offered.
The current odds or point spread on a particular event.
The foil target area is theoretically divided into four lines, or sections: high inside (4), high outside (6), low inside (7), and low outside (8).
Theoretical areas of target corresponding to the fencing guard positions.
theoretical divisions of the target, corresponding to fencing guards
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In lamp arrays, vertically stacked lamp banks creating a single line of copy. A line is typically seven or nine lamps of height.
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Lines (aka ColorLines) is a computer puzzle game, invented by Oleg Demin and first introduced as a video game by the Russian company Gamos in 1992.
Evenly spaced, scored rulings, using a bone stylus on the parchment to guide the 22 lines of calligraphy.
A set of long leather straps attached to the bridle to guide and control a team of animals pulling a wagon, sled, etc. When riding horseback, these are referred to as reins.
Lines at a school typically refers to a form of punishment either meted out by schoolmasters or prefects at an establishment such as a British public school.
Cords hung from the grid, used to fly scenery and stage equipment.
the cords connecting the paraglider to the risers which are connected to the harness.
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In traditional telecom, a line is an electrical path (2 wires) between a phone company central office and a subscriber.
In a network, physical data paths that connect adjacent nodes. Communications lines connect your computer to the DECnet network. In a TCP/IP network, a line is the physical path over which data can pass from one host to another.
Lines made of gut or wire are used in both weight driven clocks and fusee clocks
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a higher end of their products as with JennAir is to Maytags
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Common term used to describe the filters of a DSA produced by the FFT (e.g., 400 line analyzer).
A unique method of measuring density of area rugs that are hand made in China, and now adapted by a few other countries. By "lines" they mean how many knots or tufts to a linear foot. For example, in the Persian Dreams collection there are 160 tufts per linear foot, which makes any Persian Dream an exceptionally high quality hand tufted area rug. As a comparison good quality tufted rugs contain 80 lines.
a rough estimate based of percentage figures given in the Telekom Austria report
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Something that goes on and on forever.
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(or Lines of Credit): An arrangement by which a bank agrees to lend to the line holder any amount up to the full amount of the line during some specified period.
An arrangement by which a bank agrees to lend to the line holder during some specified period any amount up to the full amount of the line.
There are Scanning Lines, and Resolution Lines. Scanning Lines are a function of the broadcast level, and refer to Vertical Lines per frame. Resolution Lines are a function of the TV's capability. With analog TV, many TV's are capable of horizontal resolution higher than the 330 lines currently broadcast. With HDTV, only the best TV's will be able to accurately recreate true HDTV resolution.
Horizontal stripes of any width found in the printed image.
telephone line s used to connect a Siemens system to the public network. Also known as trunks and exchange lines.
a very realistic possibility that could have severe consequences
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script, words.
Scottish word for delivery note
an interrupt vector and the processor upon receiving the interrupt vector will determine the particular interrupt service routine starting address
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Connections to the outside phone network. The number of lines determines the number of incoming and outgoing calls that can simultaneously occur.
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A straight line segment between two points.
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Same as divider lines.