Definitions for "Line break"
Process of breaking a line into two parts by inserting a new node.
A method of creating a space between lines without applying the previous paragraph's formatting.
The end of a line of text on the screen or on a printed page. You can force a line break by pressing Return, or you can let the application break lines for you.
a fundamental way of clarifying things and isn't deprecated
an interesting thing
a rare thing in my code these days
Keywords:  syntactical, element
a syntactical element, too
Keywords:  tag, html, text, begins, end
The place at the end of a line of text where one word or part of a word ends and before the next word or continuation of the previous word begins on a new line.
a single tag
a special character used to indicate the end of a line in a piece of text
Keywords:  encircling, gap, left
gap left in an encircling line.
Keywords:  poem, loud, sound, indicator
an indicator of how the poem should sound out loud