Definitions for "Linden"
A handsome tree (Tilia Europæa), having cymes of light yellow flowers, and large cordate leaves. The tree is common in Europe.
In America, the basswood, or Tilia Americana.
any of a genus of trees of temperate regions that are planted as shade trees and are distinguished by having cordate leaves Mississippi: Early Logging
Linden is a New Jersey Transit station serving the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast lines in Linden, New Jersey. It is located in the downtown part of the city on an embankment adjacent to a viaduct over South Wood Avenue. New Jersey Transit bus lines 56 and 57 have stops along this station.
Linden is an 'L' station at the northern terminus of CTA's Purple Line. It is the only 'L' stop in Wilmette, Illinois, and is located at 349 Linden Avenue (directional coordinates 500 north, 400 west). It is most northern 'L' station in the CTA system, and is the only remaining station on the Purple Line to be at ground level, descending from the elevated embankment shortly after crossing the North Shore Channel and entering Wilmette.
Linden is a relaxant used in nervous tension and some forms of migraine. It has a reputation as a prophylactic against the development of arteriosclerosis and hypertension. It is used to combat high blood pressure associated with arteriosclerosis and nervous tension. Linden's actions include: nervine, anti-spasmodic, hypotensive, diaphoretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue, and astringent.
a census-designated place located in San Joaquin County, California