Definitions for "LiMa"
Designator for the letter "L" in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
military phonetic for the letter 'L'
Military phonetic term for the latter L
The capital city of Peru, in South America.
capital and largest city and economic center of Peru; located in western Peru; was capital of the Spanish empire in the New World until the 19th century
(Spanish) The capital city of the Viceroyalty of Perú.
Library Instructional Materials Assistant. The is the School District’s job title for an appointed paraprofessional who is responsible for the housekeeping, clerical, and mechanical maintenance of the library.
LiMa means Lightweight Markup Language. It is a parser for an easy to use ASCII/Text-based markup - comparable to Markdown or the Wikipedia-Markup language with special configurable extensions in defining Links and image-resources.
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tattoos on the hands (S)
Lambton Industry Meteorological Alert
Independent League of Angolan Women
a census-designated place located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania
(limited motion animation) This technique combines 2-D elements to create an animation.
Limited Motion Animation. This is a technique that combines moving 2D elements to create an animation.
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Small orange, thick skin, orange green, with same properties as a Lima but with more flavor.
London Institute Members Association