Definitions for "Lightworker"
Someone who has a heightened level of awareness, appreciation and understanding of their spiritual nature, especially regarding their role in the global/human transformation. A "catch-all" term often used to describe "New Agers" and metaphysically/spiritually-oriented individuals. In more specific terms, Lightworkers could be considered: (1) those mentioned in biblical references to the legions of the 144,000 Beings who have come into Earth incarnations over the years to aid the planet and humanity, (2) any soul that has had extensive experience to offer and has come into incarnation here and now to be of specific assistance during the Earth transition that is unfolding.
is a person who works with the energy of unconditional love in their energy work. Their energy is similar to feeling a baby's energy; it is the same unconditional love and openness.
a person who is defined by their mission