Definitions for "Ligation"
The formation of a phosphodiester bond between two adjacent bases separated by a single-strand break. Catalyzed by DNA ligase.
The joining of two linear nucleic acid molecules by the formation of phospho-diester bonds. In cloning experiments, a restriction fragment is often ligated to a linearized vector molecule using T4 DNA ligase.
Joining of DNA fragments to produce a single DNA molecule. Ligases are enzymes which perform this reaction. Fragments of plant DNA are ligated into bacterial plasmids during the cloning of probes for use for RFLP analysis.
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(surgery) tying a duct or blood vessel with a ligature (as to prevent bleeding during surgery)
The surgical process of tying off an anatomical channel, often a blood vessel, preventing the flow of blood. Also used with a tubal ligation, tying off the fallopian tubes preventing the exchange of ova to the uterus.
The process of closing a blood vessel or duct by tying it off.
The process of attaching an archwire to the brackets on your teeth.
A process where an archwire is attached to the brackets on your teeth.
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The application of a band or bandage.
see Rubber band ligation.
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The act of binding, or the state of being bound.
That which binds; bond; connection.
To tie or bind with a ligature; to close; to seal.
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a closed-heart operation