Definitions for "Lifetime"
The time that life continues.
(Atmospheric). The lifetime of a greenhouse gas refers to the approximate amount of time it would take for the anthropogenic increment to an atmospheric pollutant concentration to return to its natural level (assuming emissions cease) as a result of either being converted to another chemical compound or being taken out of the atmosphere via a sink. This time depends on the pollutant's sources and sinks as well as its reactivity. The lifetime of a pollutant is often considered in conjunction with the mixing of pollutants in the atmosphere; a long lifetime will allow the pollutant to mix throughout the atmosphere. Average lifetimes can vary from about a week (sulfate aerosols) to more than a century (CFCs, carbon dioxide).
In regard to a fluorophore, the average amount of time between light absorption and emission.
a double-CD live album
a great example of just what this band is capable of, and as I stated earlier, keep an eye out for these guys on a few 'Best Of' lists this year
a romantic tune filled with a beautiful violin arrangement to help complete this album
an instant classic, and by the time that the record is done listeners will be floating on a cloud of guitar riffs and splashing drums
an instant classic, "Houses In Motion" a wonderful, minimal, underrated masterpiece
a wonderful book that draws you into the life of Dina Lovelace and her friends
a bit macabre, but know that Burns Out Bright much prefer irony and self-deprecating humor to self-loathing and depression
a hell of an accomplishment for Burns Out Bright
a self-help guide to making the most of one's life
a convenient slice -- between history (which is over) and science fiction (real soon) -- within which we do what we can to maintain the illusion of an all-but-changeless island in a maelstrom of other eras' whirligigs
a richly layered documentary chronicling the New York Cosmos soccer team and its existence
an important landmark in Oteil's career showing us that he has taken his playing and especially his composition to the next level
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the usable period of the sensor. It must be specified whether "shelf" or "in-use".
the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death); "the battery had a short life"; "he lived a long and happy life"
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an East Coast comedy about West Coast excess
The period during execution of a program in which a variable or function exists.
The period of time a variable exists, depending on the level at which it was declared. Global and static variables persist until the application is done running, while variables declared at the procedural level are only valid while the procedure they were declared in is still running. See also procedure level, scope.
The lifetime of a variable is the period of the execution of the program between allocating memory for the variable and releasing that memory.
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a flash of lightning in the sky
while a person is covered under this Plan. Lifetime does not mean during the lifetime of the Covered Person.
is a word that appears in this Plan Document in reference to benefit maximums and limitations. Lifetime is understood to mean while covered under this Plan. Under no circumstances does Lifetime mean during the lifetime of the Covered Person.
the maximum amount a health plan will pay in benefits to an insured individual during that individual's lifetime.
of an object The duration of an object from its definition until its destruction.
container Container Container for limits of the lifetime change to the parent value.