Definitions for "Life Insurance Company"
An organization chartered by the state for the purpose of furnishing life insurance protection and annuities. Many life insurance companies are also chartered to issue health insurance.
a company that carries a rating of A-
The company that provides the annuity policy. Also called annuity issuer.
A business that collects a person's savings by selling contracts (policies) often paid for through periodic premiums to provide cash payment upon death.
A type of financial intermediary that shares the financial risk of untimely death among its participants. The participants buy policies for which they pay stated, periodic premiums and are guaranteed a minimum payment to designated beneficiaries at the time of the policyholder's death. Policyholders may also use their policies to build up cash savings.... read full article
A financial institution with the main business of providing insurance against death and disability through households investing funds with the company. Life insurance companies also operate superannuation funds.
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an incorporated entity that offers to pay your dependents a lump sum payment in the event of your demise
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