Definitions for "Lies"
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stays or rests; in tort, often responsibility or liability that 'lies' with the defendant The issue of whether or not the symptoms qualify as post-traumatic stress lies more in the realm of causation.
"Lies" is a JPop song by singer Kumi Koda. The lyrics are written by Koda herself and the music is written and arranged by Yanagiman. The song is the ending theme of Asahi TV's show and is also used in a commercial for
Lies is the third album by Krabathor. It was released in 1995. A special edition came out as a metal box and included a bonus track.
1. Telling a falsehood. Not telling the truth. 2. Deception; dishonesty. 3. Antonyms are honesty and truthfulness. 4. A common symptom of the disease of alcoholism.
pendent A pending lawsuit; in real estate, the constructive notice filed in public records that a legal dispute exists over a piece of property.
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