Definitions for "LIENHOLDER"
A mortgagee or other creditor who has a lien against the property of another.
One who holds, or benefits from, a lien.
A creditor whose claim or debt is secured by a specific right to obtain satisfaction against the particular property subject to forfeiture, liquidation, or hold.
The financial institution that holds title of a vehicle until the loan is paid off.
a person who has a legal interest in the vehicle
anyone with a financial interest in a vehicle, such as a bank, another lender or repair facility. More Information.
a person who possesses a right of lien on the property of another
The person or entity that possesses a legal claim on the property of another. In insurance, it generally refers to a lender on real or personal property.
A person or corporation who places a lien against a piece of property or business because of non-payment of a debt.
An individual, partnership or corporation with a security interest in an asset.
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The individual or company that owns the mortgage on your home. (See Lender.)