Definitions for "Library"
A considerable collection of books kept for use, and not as merchandise; as, a private library; a public library.
A building or apartment appropriated for holding such a collection of books.
An important room on Elysium, where the Carbon Reinitialization Program is executed from.
Programs already present in the operating system (in the LIBS: directory) to make use of the Amiga's special features, many of which are written by individuals rather than Commodore but made generally available so are not necessarily part of the normal distribution. These library functions may be used by application programs, so that programmers do not need to write their own. However, if the programmer uses an uncommon library, it should be included with the program and the install procedure should ensure that it or a later version is installed in the LIBS: directory.
Stored within a project. Libraries contain the model file(s) and data base used for the project. Parts are created in a model file and then checked in to the library. The library tracks the parts, allows us to search for parts, and assigns “rights” to users to control the flow of part data within the system. By placing a part in the library, you also make it available to other people to use as needed. This means that other users can view the parts and use them as reference for other projects. Libraries are used as permanent storage areas for parts. They are the only place that parts are permanently saved where they can be backed up.
A library is a set of subroutines and functions stored in a file. These subroutines and functions are put together in order to provide an easy code-reuse.
a common repository with EA-Artifacts across the public sector in Denmark
a free treasure that everyone should experience, and this particular branch has many treats to offer
a genuine treasure
a haven providing intellectual nourishment to all who enter its portals
a haven that nurtures lifetime learning
an intellectual goldmine
a depository built to contain books and other materials for reading and study
a delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life
a depository of ideas with which to sharpen the intellect, a source of ideals with which to satisfy the soul
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The deck of cards containing the cards placed in a player's hand during the game.
a beautiful place to spend eternity
a good place to find a book that will have it
a catalog of SDAs, their relationships to each other, the companys business processes and the technical infrastructure
an inventory of SDAs and their relationships to each other, a company's business processes and technical infrastructure
a searchable database covering electronic, print, and internet resources which include publications (print and online), website, photos, video and projects
A storage/retrieval site in a computer program.
A storage bin for symbols, sounds, and bitmapped graphics.
a convenient storage mechanism of genetic information
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a palace of dreams
a place of learning and is generally a good dream image
a true fairyland, a palace of delight
A set of high-level software functions with a published interface.
a set of classes and templates of components that the designer can use for the building of different models
a set of commonly used functions and classes that can be "plugged" into any project and taken full advantage of
a luxury in the short term --- just as the Research Department is for a corporation that doesn't look past the next quarter's sales figures, or as education is for a country that focuses its creative energies on entertainment
a precious, precious gift to the people of any country, for free access to literature and knowledge (especially for those who have not the means to afford it) is fundamental to the well-being of a society that wishes to encourage creative thought
a somewhat easy place to annoy the people sitting around you, but for those of you with less then stellar creativity, we have made a list of things you can do
a list of characters or words which has vocation to gather the whole of the vocabulary on which the user wants to work
a professional place where you want find just anything lying on the shelf
a storage space within a FreeHand document that allows you to place various objects that you want to use more than once
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1) The magnificant building of the Great Library is at the far end of Ae'gura. Do not confuse it with the rooftop office (workshop) at the Dakotah building; 2) A small hall in Myst island, where the library of Atrus was many years ago.
a collaborative endeavour
a highly collaborative, computer intensive environment where excellence in job performance and service are valued
an astonishingly collaborative building
an exploration and dissection of the state of the nation, a peculiar evocation of waspish midlands England that comes across as warmly nostalgic
a great resource for info on CT environmental issues, USE IT
a resource for researchers studying human deafness and facilitates identification of genes expressed in the human membranous labyrinths
a resource no community, regardless of size, can bear to be without
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a panacea for RPG and strategy fans with Zelda, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, and Advance Wars titles highlighting their own genres, and of course Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon
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hardware component primarily used to store large amounts of data.
a way to store page elements such as text and images that you would like to reuse in your web site more than one time
In Dreamweaver terms, a Library stores page elements such as images, text, and other objects that can be reuse or updated frequently throughout a Web site. The BC presentation items are stored in the library folder.
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a hitting program in itself, containing baseball and softball related TERMS And DEFINITIONS and PHOTO ILLUSTRATIONS
an integral part of the educational program of each elementary student
a program that contains classes and/or other resources that other programs can use
a good thing that benefits the entire community, and people will be glad to help, even if it is only a dollar or two
an organic thing, it accompanies you through life, and ought to reflect the taste and knowledge of its owner, not the bookseller
a physical thing
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an arsenal of liberty
a member of Association of Academic Libraries in Latvia (LATABA) and Association of Latvian Music Libraries
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a semi-structured environment,' Professor Pobil told BBC News Online
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an extension of my memory
a particularly fitting memorial to my father," said Nancy Evans Hayes, vice president of the foundation
Keywords:  allthe, pomps, brims, human, signs
a space that brims with allthe signs and pomps of human purpose
Keywords:  pss, classic
a classic PSS
Keywords:  tome, sumptuous, worthy, wise, figures
a sumptuous tome a worthy associates of the figures of his own good the wise man
1. The house prefects in an Oppidan House. 2. Their room in the House.
returns house plans with a space that is normally set off from the normal noise of normal house traffic for reading or study.
a database section defined by geographicextent
a way to group statements into multiple sections and selectively include them in the netlist by using the name of the section
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A set of Object Files combined together into one file. Libraries are either static or dynamic. Static libraries are linked into an executable when it is made (.a extension). Dynamic libraries are linked when the executable is run. (.so extension). Using static libraries is simpler than using dynamic ones, but they need more space in the executable. Libraries are sometimes standard (come with UNIX) like the C-runtime library, or optional (like gtk). Lots more could be said here.
a container of objects of the same type
an object that is exportable and importable
an invaluable tool when you're conducting your genealogical search
It may be as enjoyable as a berry patch but that isn"t the way it is spelled. That first [r] should be pronounced, too.
a strong but light-weight authentication and encryption package similar to Kerberos or SSL but tailored specifically for metacomputing and high performance computing environments
a building fixed in space and associated with information
a good example of how categories make it easier for us to locate the information we need
an ever expanding source of information on SRI, both worldwide and in Asia
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a debt-free organization and is proud that we have been able to keep our expenses within our income
a FREE service to GPA members only
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a trinity of documents, users and staff
an institution, including its staff, governing authorities, and/or advisory bodies who work together to achieve mutual goals.
A structured catalogue of related items (such as schematic symbols or component part descriptions) that contains all the information about the items that is needed for their use in a design.
a complete list of unique item(s) of a certain type (whatever type the library contains) which can be referenced within the environment.
a democratic institution which guarantees the continuity of culture and knowledge in society
an institution of its own society
See institution.
a powerful tool that helps to achieve validaty and safety in scientific computations
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a habitation
Keywords:  tremendous, asset, community
a tremendous asset to a community
Keywords:  proposition, expensive
a very expensive proposition
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a discretisation mesh
See: import library
a important concept, and one which any revisions to copyright law must consider and protect
an important source of family recreation and education
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a customizable, pre-defined set of rules that helps a user quickly create a report with a specific look
a rough approximation of the relative abundance of that particular mRNA within that tissue
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an amenity I would support if we could find the money to support it
The Library page lists those presentations, press releases, papers and news articles that have been written by or about member organizations. Members can also post items that they find interesting or useful. Guests can also post items in the Library.
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a good source of general information about film preservation
a store of knowledge preserved for the future as well as for current use
Keywords:  pathway, future, window
a window on the past and a pathway to the future
a convenient way to hold business objects and interfaces that are shared between modules
module) library is a packaged group of related functional modules.
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a subscriber
an integral part of any school
a very important and integral part of every community
an external interface that allows global transactions to be coordinated by a transaction manager other than the Oracle server
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A panel within Flash displaying all your project's symbols, sounds, pictures, etc.
OF CONGRESS (LC) SUBJECT HEADINGS: Standard terms used by the Library of Congress to designate the subjects of library materials.
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a long shot, at best
a CD of related images
a generalized set of related algorithms
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an excellent source of part-time jobs
a school's center for information, and the libraries are the first to be automated, including being put on the Internet
a code component you can use in software development
a method of storing code for use in multiple applications
a growing organism
a separate organization and must maintain its own facility
Keywords:  scripts, designed
a script specifically designed for other scripts to use
an exclusive service available to members only
Keywords:  university, people
a university to people
Keywords:  center, community
a community center
Keywords:  start, good, way
a good way to start
Keywords:  step, two, process
a two-step process
Keywords:  helps, purpose, software
Software that "helps" other software, but does not have any purpose by itself.
Keywords:  agency, service
a service agency
Keywords:  project, long, term
a long-term project
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See cell library.