Definitions for "LFO"
Low Frequency Oscillator. An oscillator used for modulation whose range is below the audible range (20 Hz). Example: Varying pitch cyclically produces vibrato.
A Low Frequency Oscillator. It is similar to a normal oscillator except that it outputs very low frequencies (very slow waves) and is used as a control input into another part of the synth. Examples of its use are to create vibrato or tremolo effects.
Low-frequency signals used to modulate other signals for vibrato and other effects.
LFO is an English techno group on the Warp Records label. LFO were one of the pioneers of the bass-heavy techno music of the late 80's to mid 90s. Originally comprising Gez Varley and Mark Bell, they met while studying at Leeds and gave their first track, the eponymous "LFO", to Nightmares on Wax.
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Lyte Funky Ones
Local Firearms Officer
Lexington Field Office
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Little Fighter Online
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LFO was an album released by the American pop group LFO in 1999.