Definitions for "Lexis"
Computer-assisted legal research service which offers access to several other services, including the National Accounting Automated Research System (NAARS) and NEXIS.
A computerized full-text legal data base.
Lexis is a large collection of computerised legal information, covering primarily American, English, European and international legal material. Lexis includes Canadian cases, statutes, and legal periodicals in the Canada library. However, QL (now owned by Lexis) is a more complete service for Canadian law. Lexis is available on the Internet at www.l Full information about Lexis is available at the Lexis website. To determine which databases to use, check the Lexis/Nexis Searchable Directory of Online Sources. Canadian users can view information specifically related to their needs at Lexis-Nexis Canada.
Embedding the meaning of the datas in the storage can improve the consistency of the stored information and simplify the its exchange: the semantic structure is defined through a strong semantic typing of the data and the use of external dictionaries.
all of the words in a language; all word forms having meaning or grammatical function
Individual words or sets of words, e.g. homework, study, whiteboard, get dressed, be on time.
The verbal "texture" or rhetorical aspect of a work of literature, including the usual meanings of the terms "diction" and "imagery."
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Study of the lexicon and lexical structure.