Definitions for "Lewy body dementia"
A dementia caused by damage in the brain. It is similar to Alzheimer's disease, but symptoms are typically different on close examination, with different signs found in the brain after death. The cause is unknown. Lewy body disease has relatively recently been accepted as a separate disease in its own right. The disease gets its name because of the deposits found in the brain after death. Lewy bodies are round deposits that contain damaged nerve cells. They are probably formed as the cells try to protect themselves from attack.
one of the most common types of progressive dementia, characterized by the presence of abnormal structures called Lewy bodies in the brain. In many ways the symptoms of this disease overlap with those of Alzheimer's disease.
A form of dementia with prominent hallucinations, behavioural changes, and marked fluctuations in clinical state. Often has Parkinsonian features. [See Diagnosis] [ Quick find