Definitions for "Leveling"
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Smoothing out the production schedule by averaging out both the volume and mix of products. Production leveling allows a consistent workflow, reducing the fluctuation of customer demand with the eventual goal of being able to produce any product any day. Leveling is the foundation of  Gemba Production System.
The ability of a paint to smooth out after application so that it shows no brush or roller marks when dry.
Leveling leads to uniformity of the surface of the coating. Leveling measures the ability of a wet coating to flow out to a smooth film after application so as to avoid leaving any surface irregularities, which have been produced by the mechanical process of applying the film, such as brush marks, roller marks, craters or orange peel from spraying.
The art or operation of using a leveling instrument for finding a horizontal line, for ascertaining the differences of level between different points of the earth's surface included in a survey, for establishing grades, etc., as in finding the descent of a river, or locating a line of railroad.
The amount by which two values of the elevation of the same BM, derived by different surveys or through different survey routes or by independent observations, fail to be exactly equal to each other.
Surveying operation in which heights of objects and points are determined relative to a specified datum.
Same as gain (see above) usually done to all tracks in a collection, often available as an option that can be performed during a rip.
Fighting monsters with the purpose of gaining a level.
Reaching a certain preset experience level will cause your character to backflip and "level up." You'll receive some IPs to spend on raising your abilities and skills, and additionally, you'll look increasingly cooler in other people's eyes as you gain levels.
the act of making equal or uniform
The property of a freshly applied finish to spread and dry to a uniform and streak free appearance. Leveling is the measure of the floor coatings wetting and spreading properties. Poor leveling properties may result in gloss reduction, streaking, cratering and islanding.
Migration leading to uniform distribution of dye in a dyed material. Leveling may be a property of the dye or it may require chemical assistance.
Land preparation involving moving soil from high to low spots in the field to achieve a flat horizontal surface so that irrigation water will be evenly distributed throughout the field.
is the microscopic filling-in of surface imperfections that results in the surface being smoother and more level than before the procedure.
Removing the rounded top (or "crown") portion of a cake to provide an even and level surface for decorating.
Flattening of rolled sheet by reducing or eliminating distortions.
The mechanical flattening of plate, sheet or foil.
Flattening rolled metal sheet or strip.
Einfahren: An operation, which improves the accuracy of stopping at landings.
The movement of an elevator toward the landing sill when it is within the leveling zone. When the word leveling is used, the inference is that the process of attaining a level stop or position (the platform level with the landing sill) is performed completely automatically.
The initial phase of comprehensive orthodontic treatment using fixed appliances designed to change the line of intercuspation from a curve to a straight line; to align the teeth in the same plane.
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See Resource Leveling. [D00932] Resolving resource conflict s or over allocation s by either delay ing certain task s and assignment s or by splitting task [D00931] MSP98
Syn: resource leveling.
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Positioning the RV in camp so it will be level, using ramps (also called levelers) under the wheels, built-in scissors jacks, or power leveling jacks.
The act of wasting time, distilled into its most perfectly boring form. Combines all the excitement of the Battle System with Random encounters.
An automatic calibration procedure, establishing a "zero line" for measurements, taking into account all the acoustic properties of the test chamber or the testing room.
complete destruction of a building
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The act or operation of making level.