Definitions for "Level of Significance"
The probability that observed or greater differences occur by chance.
the stated probability at which a hypothesis is either accepted or rejected. In most cases, differences are accepted only if they occur at the 95% level or higher. This is interpreted to mean that, by accepting the statistical difference, we are observing an actual population difference in 95 out of 100 cases. In the other 5 cases, the observed difference is actually attributable to random error.
The probability that observed or greater differences occurred by chance. [ A-C] [ D-F] [ G-I] [ J-L] [ M-O] [ P-R] [ S-U] [ V-Z] [ Table Of Contents
geographic magnitude or scope of a property's historical significance: national, state, or local.
geographical level local, State, or national at which a historic property has been evaluated and found to be significant.