Definitions for "Letter of inquiry"
Used by grant seekers to introduce their project and organization to a prospective funding agency. Frequently, these serve a dual purpose of requesting grant guidelines from an organization. Letters of inquiry generally are only 1 to 2 pages in length.
Some foundations request that applicants file a short letter of intent before submitting a fully drafted proposal. This can save work for the grantee, can help the foundation project the level of interest for a certain funding program, and can provide extra time for a foundation to negotiate grant requirements with the applicant. This letter can also identify an applicant whose requested support is outside the foundation's purview. The letter of inquiry is designed to save time and labor on both sides.
a letter of request
a general term for any letter or e-mail used to gather more information about options and opportunities, addressed to anyone who might be able to provide details about a job, career field, or organization of interest (e