Definitions for "Lesions"
Keywords:  wound, injury, abscess, patch, bruise
Zones of tissue with impaired function as a result of damage by disease or wounding.
A wound or injury creating a change in tissues.
A broad term for an abnormality of the body which can be either an infection, abscess (an open, fluid filled sore), wound, or tumor.
Also referred to as neoplasms and dysplasia, these are a precancerous condition of abnormal cell development in which cells are altered in shape, size, and organization.
Keywords:  ablation, fib, focal, catheter, scars
In Focal Point Catheter Ablation of A-Fib, lesions are electronically created cuts or scars.
Keywords:  pre, incurred, brain, area, cancerous
The damage incurred by an area of the brain.
Areas of pre-cancerous growth.
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See Lesion.