Definitions for "Lesbian"
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Of or pertaining to the island anciently called Lesbos, now Mitylene, in the Grecian Archipelago.
homosexual; -- applied to female homosexuals.
A sexual identity category that refers to women attracted to women.
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a Memoir - back to top of this page
a memoir in the eyes of the world
Amatory; erotic; -- in allusion to the reputed sensuality of the Lesbian people and literature; as, Lesbian novels.
a tortillera, tortilla-maker, with reference to the slapping motion supposedly shared by the two activities
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ASL Browser
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Sex Marijauna Drugs
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a terrible thing to waste
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an even bigger stretch
a foul-mouthed degenerate who was likely abused by her father
an attention devoted to another person, to the pleasure of another person
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a person from the Middle East
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a girl who only likes other girls