Definitions for "Les"
LAN Emulation server. The part of LANE under ATM that resides on the server.
See LAN Emulation server.
Logistics Execution Systems
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A leash.
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Lilliput Edison Screw. The smallest in the family of Edison Screw lamp base s, at only 5mm diameter. Used in low-voltage signal lamps. See also ES, MES, GES, SES
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Wanganui Computer Database
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Lincoln Electric System
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Law Enforcement System
LEA Law Enforcement Agency (American usage)
Learning Environment Specialist. A designation offered by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).
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Land Earth Station (Inmarsat)
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Large Eddy Simulation
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Locally Employed Staff
Locally Engaged Staff
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Leave and Earnings Statement
Leave and Earning Statement
Line Errored Seconds. A Line Errored Second, according to T1M1.3, is a second in which one or more Line Code Violation error events were detected. While many implementations are currently unable to detect the zero strings, it is expected that interface manufacturers will add this capability in deference to ANSI; therefore, it will become available in time. In the T1M1.3 specification, near end Line Code Violations and far end Line Errored Seconds are counted. For consistency, we count Line Errored Seconds at both ends.
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Linear Expenditure System
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Limited English Speaker
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Large Enterprises
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
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them, you