Definitions for "Lens"
A piece of glass, or other transparent substance, ground with two opposite regular surfaces, either both curved, or one curved and the other plane, and commonly used, either singly or combined, in optical instruments, for changing the direction of rays of light, and thus magnifying objects, or otherwise modifying vision. In practice, the curved surfaces are usually spherical, though rarely cylindrical, or of some other figure.
A transparent double convex (outward curve on both sides) structure between the iris and the vitreous humor. Two structures of the eye focus light onto the retina. The first is the cornea or front surface of the eye that provides about 65% of the focusing power of the eye. The human lens is located behind the iris and in front of the vitreous humor and provides the remaining focusing power for the eye. In younger patients (usually below age 45) the lens is able to adjust it's power allowing the eye to change it's focal length from distance to near.
Diffuser or refractor for a light fixture. Usually made of glass or plastic.
culinaris Lentil
The genus Lens of the legume family Fabaceae contains four species of small, erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods. The edible seeds of Lens species are referred to as lentils; the lentil most commonly eaten is the seed of Lens culinaris.
a method of organizing information about a topic, a place to demonstrate your expertise about something
a new concept of one person's view on a topic
a one page snapshot on a specific topic
Covering the lens are ecto-mesoderm which will become the cornea. The lens began as an ectodermal placode.
An ore body in the form of a convex lens.
In geology a lens is a body of ore or rock or a geological deposit that is thick in the middle and thin at the edges, resembling a convex lens (adjective: "lenticular").
In geometry, a lens is a shape comprising two circular arcs, joined at their endpoints. The Vesica piscis is one form of a symmetrical lens.
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a highly complex piece of engineering - made from fragile components - and very easily damaged
a separate piece of material that is separate fro mthe membranes around it
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ASL Browser
a likeable, hyperactive stream of consciousness--much like Williams himself
a card catalog with comments, not an encyclopedia article," Godin said
a compromise of inherent errors called aberrations, but do not let this worry you
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thin stratigraphic layer
A rock formation of local extent, formed by variation in sedimentation in the original formation of sedimentary beds.
(metaphor) a channel through which something can be seen or understood; "the writer is the lens through which history can be seen"
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an abstract specification of some facet of a resource and is a generalization of the RDF property concept
a single Web page filled with information and links that point to other Web pages, continually updated RSS feeds, or relevant advertising
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specific layer of shale or rock bearing fossils
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refracting element
a starting point that will guide you to more information elsewhere should the reader like to discover more
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See crystalline lens. Go to Top
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a great way to organize the information that's in your blog, so people can find things more easily
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a smooth wide brush
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Generally used to describe a body of ore that is thick in the middle and tapers towards the ends.
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a point of view from which a person views a problem or opportunity
a tool through which you view the world
a single web page that you create on a specific area of expertise
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an easy-to-build page of links and
Local Exchange Navigation System
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an instrument to help us see
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a special kind of Web page