Definitions for "lemonade"
A beverage consisting of lemon juice mixed with water and sweetened.
In the US, a drink made of lemon juice, sugar and water; in the UK, a carbonated drink that doesn't necessarily contain anything closer to a lemon than a bit of citric acid.
sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice
A soft drink (i.e. carbonated) with lemon flavor. Sprite says "lemonade" on the side of the can Down Under. They have no name for what Americans call lemonade.
7Up / Sprite
carbonated lemonade, including clear, cloudy and traditional varieties
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Lemonade is an EP by Wheatus released in 2004 and exclusively available at Apple's i Tunes Music Store. It features five songs that originally appeared on Wheatus' poorly promoted second album Hand Over Your Loved Ones.
Lemonade (2006, alternately G. Love's Lemonade) is the seventh studio album released by American alternative hip-hop trio G. Love and Special Sauce (under the name G.
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